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I must admit I'm starting to get a little annoyed over AMD, for six months ago I used Intel Celereon, and had no problems what so ever... after that I have had two AMD systems, whit LOTS of problems...

Now I just bought Asus A7V133, and using AMD Athlon 1,2 Ghz, GF II 64 MB DDR, 448 MB SD RAM PC133, Taisol 760, WD 40GB, ST40GB, Yamaha 16x SCSI, Tekram SCSI controller, networkcard(realtech), Creative CT4810... this should be a stable, good system... at least I think so :)... but the problem is that if I only have the SCSI cont. in one of the PCI slots, everything works OK, if I put in the networkcard, the system crashes, so I assigned a different IRQ for the network card, and it worked just fine, but when I put in the creative sound card, it crashes again.

In the manual to the MB, there is a overview over interrup requests.. I put the SCSI cont. in slot 3 because it only shares INT-C with AMR slot which is not in use, the network card in slot 4, which shares INT-D whith slot 5 and onboard USB, but I cant find a combination that works with all three cards...

Does anyone have problems with this MB, or is just me who is totaly newb ? :P .. and in so case, could someone please give me the solution, I'm really tired of wasting money on a system that is unstable.. I never had these kind of problems with intel based systems...

Thanks for replies

- DocD
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  1. Hmmm might I ask whice OS you are using and if the computer starts to load the OS before it crashes?

    My name is Jond, Bames Jond.

    My ACPI incompatible network adapter killed my SB Live!
  2. The A7V133 wasn't really designed for this kind of configuration. The main reason to buy an A7V133 is the extra ATA host adapters giving you the ability to run up to 8 IDE drives, thus using SCSI, Network and Sound cards is a real problem for this motherboard. The issue being shared interrupts in PCI slots. Sure, the slots may be there, but typical of many boards, you can't use them all.

    For all intensive purposes, the A7V133 has really only two available PCI slots UNLESS your devices can share interrupts.

    Slots 1 and 2 are write offs. Don't even think about it.

    Slot 3 is usually used for Audio.
    Slot 4 is usually used for modems that can share interrupts.
    Slot 5 is usually used for network cards.

    If you are lucky, you can get your SCSI card to work in Slot 3 or 4 (only if you are not using USB when in slot 4 and only if you are not using audio when in slot 3). For SCSI though, you really must have a motherboard that has at LEAST one slot that doesn't share interrupts. Unfortunately, the A7V133 isn't one of those boards.

    If you can't get it going as mentioned above, I can only say you are probably out of luck.

    If you really need to run all of these devices, I would consider buying a motherboard WITHOUT all of the extra features in the A7V133 design specifications. You should probably look at a motherboard that is designed for PCI devices rather than onboard devices and one without the extra ATA host adapter. Look for at least two exclusive PCI slots.

    This is more a matter of getting the right board for your devices versus trying to get your devices to work with the board.

    Steve Benoit

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  3. Hey, thanks for the answer...

    I really need three slots :/ ... I need sound, network and scsi for cd rw... so my question is.. if I bought a new sound card which support sharing would it solve my problems or does the other card, ie network also need to support sharing ??

    Strange that all the tests I read, before buying the card did not say anything about this at all :/
  4. I'm not that good in english so I will try to explaine a bit more:)

    The computer starts up just fine, I use win2k... I can surf the net and everything , but when I use the CDRW or play mp3's the system hangs... when I took out the network card and sound device, everything worked, when I put in the network card again and assigned a different IRQ, CDRW worked... when I put in the sound device again, CDRW still worked, but playing mp3's caused the system to crash...
  5. I also have Asus A7V133 (but it doesn't have integrated Sound), and this is the combination I've been using and working great in both Win98 SE and Win2000 Pro.
    Slot2: Linksys NIC shares IRQ with Promise onboard controller (don't have any problem related to PCI steering).
    Slot3: Adaptec AHA-2940U2W controller.
    Slot4: SoundBlaster Live! shares IRQ with USB controller and Creative Winmdem.
    Slot5: Creative Winmodem.

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  6. Quote:
    Slots 1 and 2 are write offs. Don't even think about it.

    I don't know others, but I don't have any problem putting LinkSys NIC in slot 2 on my A7V133.
    My friend has Asus K7M (Slot A) and he has SoundBlaster 128 on Slot 1 and works fine.

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  7. well i have had my new puter up and running for a week now.
    it was not all that bad to build. my only concern is the heat. but on to what i was gonna say.
    Asus A7V133
    Duron 950
    384 megs sdram
    3DFX V3 2K AGP
    SB Live Valu
    WD 40gig ATA100
    Netgear FA310TX
    Entech 350 PS
    Antec SX-800 case
    4 80-mm case fans
    Win Me

    i currently have the SB in slot 3 and the NIC in slot 4.
    no problems as of yet.
    CPU temp is at 40c which does bother me though. that is for another thread
  8. Hmmmm try pulling out the network adapter and sticking in the SB Live! instead. See if the system runs now? If so you need to replace your network adapter with a ACPI compatible NIC.

    My name is Jond, Bames Jond.

    My ACPI incompatible network adapter killed my SB Live!
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