ABIT bx6 r2 and celeron 900's

Hello all,
I have a question. does anybody know if the celeron 900's will work on an Abit bx6 r2? I know that they are 100 fsb, but I will have to get a sloket converter and I'm not sure if the celeron's are compatible with my board and the slokets. Also if this is possible will I have to buy a new heat sink or can I continue to use the one I have on my current slot1 pIII 450? It is an aftermarket slot1 heatsink that works really well. I'm not sure of the name because it came in a plain white box, but it is gold with a cylindrical heatsink and fan.
Please note I am not interested in overclocing anything I just want a little more horsies under the hood and the celerons are the best bang for the buck right now. This machine will probably be replaced within a year, but I do need some more power in the interim.

I would greatly appreciate any information about this.

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  1. The motherboard will not work with Celeron 900. The board only have 8x multiplier. You need 9x to uses Celeron 900.
  2. Your about as wrong as anyone can possibly be. All Coppermine processors including the Celeron II have their own internal multiplier. abit even list this board as supporting a Celeron 700, which has a 10.5x mulitplier.

    Back to you Tom...
  3. Yes, you can use the Celeron 900. But the PIII is a far better performaer, even at much lower clock speeds. For expample, a PIII 700 scores about the same as a Celeron 950 in many benchmarks. And the PIII 700 can be easily overclocked to 933 on your motherboard. It's also relatively inexpensive, under $100 at quite a few websites. A PIII 700 at 933 will beet a Celeron 1100 (the newest version tested that hasn't even reach the retail market yet) by a relatively large margin.

    Back to you Tom...
  4. Sorry for the wrong information. My ABIT BX6 RV2 board still using the 1999 bios. The highest multiplier it have is 8x.
  5. Hi Crashman. I have some question about bios update. As I mentioned before I am still using the old bios right now.I was going to fresh the bios but I read somewhere says that the new bios make the use of all 4 memory slot unstable it that true?
  6. The internal multiplier of these CPU's overrides the multiplier lmmitations of BIOS. I have a BX board with a 5.5x highest multiplier running a Celeron 566@850. That's 8.5x, far beyond the adjustments of BIOS. The internal multiplier lock takes the stress off BIOS' multiplier limmit.

    Back to you Tom...
  7. I have never heard of this problem. If your intersted in a newer motherboard I'll trade you a CUSL2 for $50 more. I'm looking for another nice overclockable Slot-1 board for an "experiment".

    Back to you Tom...
  8. Thanks for the information. I do not want another motherboard for Intel processor. All the new motherboards I get is for AMD processor. The processor is a lot cheaper.
  9. Thanks for the input Crashman. Unfortunately I'm not interested in OC my processor, all my ram is generic pc100 and I don't want to replace it. So OC a 700 to 933 isn't an option. You did say that the P3 700's kept up with the 950 celerons so I would assume that a P3 750 would be a better solution than the 700.

    I am still curious about whether I would need a new heatsink if I went with the celeron and a sloket adapter. Do you have any information on this? I would affect my decision on which processor to get as the 900 with a sloket is still cheaper, but not if I have to buy a new heatsink too.

    Thanks again for the help

    To deny who I was is to deny who I am.
  10. Yes, the 750 should be about match the Celeron 1000 for performance. Either processor would require a new heatsink, on the Slotket you would use a Socket 370 heatsink. Your old SECC heatsink won't fit the SECC2 PIII either. So in any event you will need a different heatsink. Nothing spectacular either, you can get good heatsinks for around $8-$12.
    The PIII 750 is available for less money thatn the 700 (less demand because it can't be overclocked as easily). In fact retailers are having a difficult time selling them because they are so old (but overclockers are still buying the 700). You could get a Socket PIII 750 for around $90, a slotket for around $8, and a heatsink for around $10. Or you could get a Slot 1 PIII 750 for around $115, and a SECC2 heatsink for around $10. So you can see that the Socket 370 solution is cheaper even when you have to buy a Slotket to use it.

    Back to you Tom...
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