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The sound has failed on my ps3, i can play a game but there is no sound coming from the console, i was in the middle of a game, and so changed it to anbother game, however there is still no sound, any ideas chaps !
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  1. Did you try cold booting? My version of the ps3 has an on/off switch on the back. If yours doesn't have a switch, you will need to pull the plug for 10 seconds or more before pluggin it back in.
  2. What speakers are you using now? TV? Receiver and satellites? Are those speakers still good? If you're using an amp and satellites, did you accidentally switch to a different audio input? Are you able to get sound out of any other PS3 feature, like playing a movie or even the clicks in the XMB? What type of audio cable are you using? Has the cable become worn and frayed? Check your audio settings on the PS3. Have you set what audio formats are ok to output? ( Dolby Digital, DTS, etc? ) Perhaps that setting got changed somehow.

    All else fails, reflash the firmware.
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