Connecting 360 to PC Monitor - Need Help!

Hey everybody,

I need some confirmation on whether i'm buying the right adapters to be able to connect my 360 to my PC monitor, as well as getting sound through my pc headset (logitech g35).

Here's links to the two adapters I think I have to buy:

Stereo to RCA for headset sound >


If these aren't the right adapters, here's what I need: I want to connect my xbox 360 to my monitor (samsung syncmaster 216BW) via hdmi, as well as get sound through my PC headset.

Thanks alot.
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  1. looks good to me!

    what size monitor are u using?
  2. 21.5"
  3. wait man I tried this once, just be sure that the hdmi adapter isnt to big on the back of the xbox so you wont be able to use the rcas. I've also seen people strip the hdmi cords bulky end so it does fit both hdmi and rcas. This is if your using the xbox's cords.
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