[Dual-boot] 32bit XP Professional w/ 64bit Windows 7 preinstalled

Hi community members,

I've recently encountered several compatibility issues with running some programs on Windows 7,
for the same problem for Vista I dual-boot XP with it and I wish to do the same for my Windows 7 too.
However, my inquiry now is that previously my Vista is 32bit thus I'd expect it to run with XP 32bit perfectly.
Now, I'm trying to dual-boot with XP Professional 32bit having Windows 7 64bit preinstalled, so I've some questions.

*I'd always dual-boot with separate partitions on the same hard drive, not separate hard drive.

1) I've heard of OS installation sequence, is it really necessary for me to remove Windows 7 before installing XP?

2) How can I check if my processor which is currently running 64-bit Win7 can support 32-bit XP Professional?

3) How would I go about configuring the RAID/SATA drivers?

I'd be glad if someone can link me to a good guide or help me with a small tutorial because I believe I'd spent days searching for this exact solution
but to no avail.

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 2.67GHz Quad Core
x64-based PC

Please tell me if you need more specifications.

Thank you!
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  1. Bump~ Help much appreciated.
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