KG7 and power supply

I solved the problem of getting the Athlon CPU into the ZIF by testing its resistance first with an old MMX chip. The ZIF requires much more effort to lower the lever than I've observed before, but, the chip is now in the KG7.

Now I have a new problem. I connected the motherboard to my ATX case, installed 512 megs of DDR PC2100 ram, installed my GeForce2 MX PCI graphics card and fired it up.

All I get is one long beep tone of 1-2 seconds duration, followed by 3-4 seconds, then it repeats forever. The surprising thing to me is that I can't power down the board by the switch on the case. I must pull the power cord out of case to shut it down.

Any ideas?
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  1. It sounds like you may not have the RAM loaded in the right slots (Sometimes you have to lean on it a bit to get it properly seated in the connector slot. First Stick goes in slot <b>4</b>, next in 3, etc..

    Make sure your CPU fan is plugged into the right spot (fan 4). Although, this seems like a less likely cause of your difficulty since (I think) the BIOS defaults to CPU fan protection turned off.

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  2. Thanks for the reply. My DDR ram is indeed in slots 4 and 3, so that shouldn't be a problem. And my cooling fan is plugged into FAN 4 too.

    I'm wondering, could this be a video problem? My GeForce2 MX is a PCI card, not an AGP card, and I wonder - is the system not recognizing the card?

    I did find out that if I hold down the power button for four seconds then the system powers off. Is this something specific to the KG7? I'm coming from a PCChips M598 system (God Forgive Me for buying that thing...) so this is new to me.
  3. OK, now it's getting harder. Gotta get to the absolute basics. Here is how I would proceed:

    1. Clear the CMOS by using the jumper on the MoBo. (your manual will tell you how... it is easy)

    2. Remove any other PCI cards from your system except the video.

    3. Remove any drives except your HDD from the IDE connectors.

    4. Try the Video card in each of the slots and see if you can boot

    5. You could even try disconnecting your HDD and boot to a floppy only.

    6. If none of this will let you boot, you probably have a hardware problem. Something is broke (?) This is when you try to find a friend who will let you try to swap in his P/S or Video Card and try to identify which component is broken.

    7. I know you have checked like a million times already, but give it one more look for:
    a. mounting screws that may not have a insulative washer and is making unwanted contact with a trace on the board
    b. case switches/leds not connected to the right spot on the MoBo (try only connecting the power switch)

    Good luck to ya.... !
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