Iran threatens US over aircraft carrier

Watch the US 5th Fleet do a u-turn and go back through the straight towing 20 bareassed marine skiiers while playing Yankee doodle through the PA.

I'd be thinking ... where is the other carrier though ??
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  1. It is all about the tech though.

    I doubt their second hand repainted Chinese missiles are really up to getting past the Carrier's RAM as the Stennis has the SSDS mk2 mod 0 ship self-defence system.

    If they had some of the new Rusky missiles it might be a different story.

    Unfortunately getting a missile past the automated SDSS still leaves you with a lot of armour and critical systems are well protected.

    Best bet is to leave them alone ... bit like my pet Shitzu that wants a piece of the neighbour's German shepard.

    Best way to defeat a carrier is to have a cruise liner ful of hookers ... and lead it onto rocks.

  2. I don't doubt the US is going to smack Iran around a bit. They're getting a little big for their britches. They have to know that their fleet is no match for the US. The US just needs to watch for who sides with Iran.
  3. It is about time for another war.
  4. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    But Iran doesn't have any hookers. Oh wait they have that hourly marriage thing, I forgot. So yeah, that might work reynod! :)

    Dont they call that rent a wreck here in the states?
  5. Are you referring to Russel and Katy's marriage?
  6. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    That Iranian fleet is no match for the US 5th fleet. They have the equivalent of fishing trollers vs. Aegis missile boats, cruisers, destroyers, submarines........ oh and a carrier capable of putting 87 combat aircraft into the sky armed with anti-ship missiles.

    Handcuffed by really restrictive rules of engagement.

    Plus modern warfare is a frightenly fast thing. The difference between USS Stark and USS Vincennes is about 15 seconds.

    Plus you don't think the Iranians wouldn't be willing to trade a half dozen Boghammers for even the possibility of sinking or damaging a frigate or destroyer?
  7. It may not be the most popular move, but I think the US may soon create a new parking lot in Iran.
  8. I was thinking more like a few lakes ... which is a real worry.

    I hope they simply ignore them and if the Iranian navy does fire a few missiles the US just sinks the boats responsible and moves on ...

    alternatively they could just run the carrier up to flank speed and run a few of the boats over.

    Cheaper than firing missiles too.

    Low budget engagement.
  9. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    But Iran doesn't have any hookers. Oh wait they have that hourly marriage thing, I forgot. So yeah, that might work reynod! :)

    :lol: You really should pay Iran a visit,you'll be surprised.I promise
  10. Mate I would honestly be too frightened to visit.

    Now that I have come up with a foolproof plan to sink a carrier, the US Navy will probably ensure all future helmsmen are of the other persuasion.

    Here is a short Psychological Screening test for Helmsmen.

    1. If a Cruse Liner pulled in front of the ship with the aft section literally covered in pretty women blowing kisses at you, would you:

    A. Ignore them and continue to follow the existing course set;

    B. Follow said ship to the 4 corners ... ;

    C. Call for a boarding party;

    D. Disable said ships propulsion and issue a 48hr leave pass for all crew;

    E. Jump ship;

    F. Immediately setup office as a pimp and take the cream off the top while getting one of the more able chiefs to do the dirty work.

    G. Consult the Captain.
  11. That was a joke :D No sane person would like to visit anywhere in middle east now :lol:
  12. Yeah well I hope it works out ok.

    Only the weapon manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, prepackage food manufacturers, and the funeral companies make a buck out of war.

    Everyone else loses.

    Apologies to any profiteering war mongering company I might have missed ...
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