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I played a game when i was a teen, but i have forgotten what it was cold. It was probably some kind of adventure/Arcade game where the objective was to catch snowmen and nomes (Dont know the correct spelling of that since I am from Norway). Anyways.... In the game, there was a store where you could by several tools, like a shuvel, rock axes and things like that. Does anyone remember the game or more of the description, specifics of what the game was about then I would be glad to recieve some clues of what it could be
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  1. was it supposed to be educational? I remember my mom letting me play something like that for school XD
  2. :) I'm not sure. I just remember it was very fun to play and wanted to see if I could get a hold on it, so I can play it again. What was the name of the game you played? Do you remember?
  3. Hi,

    I have searched the internet and I hope below list will help you recall that game.

    Year release and Name of the Arcade game

    1992 1) Andro Dunos
    1992 2) Arch Rivals
    1989 3) Arkanoid - Revenge of the DOH
    1994 4) Crude Baster
    1993 5) Galmedes
    1995 6) Ghost and Goblins
    1985 7) Legend of Kage

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    Hope you will remember the game by reading the names of the above-mentioned games.
  4. hello mr. newcomer :=)

    No, I'm so sorry, it was none of the above. I should probably have mentioned that this game was probably release sometime in the 90's early 2000. Because I am born in 1987. The above games, couldnt I have played then, cuz I was 2 busy playing with my dolls at that time :) I thank you so much for the list, but sad 2 say, I looked them all up on google 2 find screenshots, but it looks like those were more action games. This was more of a kids/adventure games, where you had 2 climb up ladders and as I sad before catch some elf like creatures. I think it took place in like a snow world and you would earn coins/money (2 buy the tools you needed in the game) if you could catch them with your Dip net (At least that is the name of the net in fishing :p). Does it ring any bells for anyone reading this post? If so, please reply me asap :) Would be very grateful :) I played it every chance I got at the public library in my hometown of Bergen, Norway ;)
  5. I does but I just can't remember the name or more details than you do which doesn't help at all. I am just as frustrating as not being able to help!!
  6. Message 2 Pyree.... Well, how would you explain the game. In your own words. Maybe I just explain it bad so I dont get so many replies. Give it a try, and maybe I can remember more from what you write. Cuz I suck at explanations about old games with my young but dumb brain :p
  7. The way I remember the game is that you are skiing and you avoid other skier, boulders and trees. You score points by crash and breaking the snowman and crash into and pick up Christmas elfs. Is this the game you are talking about?
  8. I just remember a thing while I read ur comments.... In the game it was like christmas packages that you needed 2 collect. If I remember correctly you'd get points or money if you manage 2 pick them up. ..... Kinda slow brain, but I remember seeing lots of packages in the game (mostly with red and green packaging). Does that jog anyones memory better than it does mine?

    PS: Dont think that was the game I was talking about Pyree, but maybe my last post will help u some more, 2 help me :) Or any new ppl reading this, can give me a name of the game or more clues. That would be very helpful :) Thanks.
  9. Ok, I think what I described is a different game because the game that I play concentrates on smashing snowmen, picking up or you can say kidnapping, Christmas elfs, avoiding obstacles and jump on ski ramp to do tricks. I don't think there is any presents to collect. Sorry.
  10. your game sounds like fun 2. If u remember what its called, let me know. 2 bad u didnt know what my game is called, but maybe I got a little more information that can help when I try 2 explain it on another forum maybe.
    If I find the game u played, I can possibly let u know.... If u want 2 :)?
  11. ok guys, im trying to remember the name of a game i played as a kid, would have been in the early to mid 90's, the only thing i remember about it is that you were a knight and went around recruiting other knights by pulling out the kings royal seal, and it was a little blue seal that barked, and there were different little arcade games that you played to collect different shields, i think... if you know what the title is i would greatly appreciate it
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