Looking for a new Gaming Headset

I'm sure theres tons of threads about this, but I rather get an answer to my question.

I currently have the Razer Carcharias, and its dying a little. And I need to start looking for replacement soon.

I'm not the best at finding headsets that are good in both sound quality and mic quality, so I'm asking the community.

Things I'm looking for:
-Great sound
-Great Mic
-Preferably not a gigantic block on my ears :P

Budget: 150~

I don't have a sound card but my on board isn't that bad. It's decent.
I don't really care about Surround Sound, or that virtual stuff. As long as its good.

Right now, I'm currently casual gaming, such as MMOs with friends, a few shooters here and there. But when BF3 comes out and skyrim, I would like a great sounded headset so I can hear the amazing sounds.

Let me know your suggestions and why you suggest it.

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  1. The Turtle Beach brand is very good! My favorite headset byfar. They offer pure 7.1 Surround Sound in Dolby Digital and Talk-Back capabilities. This allows you to hear yourself as you talk. The headsets have many other features from voice morphing to Bass Boost. Very comfortable with soft hear cups, just hands down good products. If you want to read reviews and take a look at some of the Turtle Beach headsets check this site out if you want. http://www.turtlebeachreview.com
  2. Oh yeah, they are excellent for shooters and MMOs and very affordable. All headsets are under $150. You can hear sounds that you would never hear from your tv speakers, llike footsteps creeping behind you and i was able to even here flies buzzing around in one game.
  3. Turtle Beach are good, I like the one that has a sub built into it!

    I myself however am a Razor man and bought myself the new Razor Megaloden! And i tell you what, Unfrigen believable sound and comfort levels. Its pretty bulky but very sturdy and the mic works just fine. The only thing is that they are a bit over your budget, i got mine for $175. Hope that helps. You can get allot of good head sets for under $150 though so just have a browse through turtle beach, razor websites etc. You'll find something :)
  4. http://www.logitech.com/en-us/gaming/headsets/devices/7248

    I have a Logitech G930 Headset, and it is comfy as hell, great sound Highs and Lows for music. 7.1 Surround for Gaming. And it doesnt weigh 1000 lbs. I would recommend this to anyone, worth every bit of the $140 I paid. Good Luck in your search!
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