Quake II like games? Where?

Hello, hello!

I've played a hell lot of Quake II in the early 2000, gave a try to Q3A, but my preference goes 100% to Quake II (and its "mods"). Anyway, I've been discussing with a friend how great it was to play those type of fast paced games and we seem to be having a hard time finding anything similar.

I am searching for a Quake II like game, which I would describe as:

all sorts of futuristic nonsense arsenal
arena like maps
team death-match
constant action

...anyone who has played it know what I mean.

If someone could provide me with a list of alternatives, considering I have tried Warsow (it's been the closest I could find, although I'm having a hard time with the maps and all the pros) and Unreal 3 (servers seem to be emtpy?!), I would be thankful.

Thanks in advance :ange:
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  1. If you played Call of duty Mw2, call of duty black ops and call of duty world at war, then you forget quake II ;)
  2. Yasir, thank you for your reply.

    However, I have already tried (as in actually bought the "Modern Warfare" on steam to play multiplayer) and...I just can't enjoy it. I regret that purchase :( (no flame intended)

    It may be a biased opinion since I love the Battlefield series, but it's not my type.
    I can only compare it to Quake as the maps are about the same size and it feels 'arena like'.

    I hope Warsow is not the only truly alike Q2 :(

  3. Then you can try unreal tournament 3 it has all the stuff that you have mentioned and also Counter strike is still very enjoyable to play.
    They have Quake Online too online which you can like too.
  4. quake 4, unreal tournament 3, rage (maybe, i haven't played it yet).
  5. Unreal Tournament 3 is a good game of the sort that you're looking for.
    You can try gametrackers to find some servers for UT3. :)
  6. Hard Reset reminded me of quake alot, so much I got rid of it lol. Imo this is what your looking for.
  7. Since many of you recommended UT3, I'd be thankful for some additional input.

    How's the playerbase and overall activity? I've enjoyed the UT3 online demo, but there wasn't many people online to compete with; will I find crowded active servers or?

    Anyway, does Quake 4, resembles 2 in any way? Maybe I've been getting busy with other things, but seems to me like games like 'these' are dead?

    Thanks for all the input, by the way!

    [Edit: There was a random '14' on the end of the text(?!)]
  8. The Real Answer is NO!

    I know exactly what you are talking about and you know what. There is no game like Quake2 and id Software really needs to re release Quake2 or just change out a few things like the blaster, shotgun and hyperblaster and boom add all the advancements in the graphics technology and you have the best game ever.

    I don't like these realistic games. Man I liked Quake2 because it had all the good elements of a realistic game like getting shot by a rocket launcher actually kills you, and all the good elements of a non realistic game like you were able to run super fast, bunny hop all over the places by strafing and jumping at the same time and also rocket jumping etc...So it was actually fun and kind of more like a sport and wasn't taken so seriously. If you die you just respawn and get them next round instead of waiting all day to play again.

    People today don't get this. They think that everything is supposed to matter like "oh I got shot by a gun and I'm dead". No when you get shot! That's when your supposed to turn around and so "no way man I'm not going to take it anymore!" Take this rail gun I'll show you real gun that can go through 5 people at once and assuming they haven't picked up any armor or are all 100 percent health or less rather than that sound "Eh" "Eh" ...(Nobody goes "Eh" when you shoot them in life!), then they are all Dead D-E-A-D no you don't pass go you don't collect 200 dollars. Get the *** out of here. Never gonna be a game like it in our lifetime. It's over.
  9. yea the Q Live settings for Rail Gun Piss me off
    I miss the old Quake Days
    Maybe Ill fire up a quake server
  10. yasir siddiqui said:
    If you played Call of duty Mw2, call of duty black ops and call of duty world at war, then you forget quake II ;)

    This is one of the funniest posts I've ever read on Toms.
  11. I haven't played UT3 in about a year, it's a great game but finding populated servers was getting difficult. Nexuiz is a newish game that is somewhat similar that you might have a look at, but I had trouble finding many people on steam to play with when I got it a few months ago, maybe there are more since it's been out a while now.

    I would also try Tribes: Ascend, it's alot more wide open than Quake games but the speed keeps the pace more along the lines of a classic arena shooter like Quake or Unreal than the open map camp n' snipe fest you get with modern military shooters.
  12. Quake-like games

    1. Red Eclipse
    2. Xonotic
    3. Alien Arena

    All are free!
  13. Dude My wifie can't get me off of Quake Live Free Browser based multi mods and styles ,,, where have you been .. under an internet rock ??
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