NAT settings Westell 7500

How do I open NAT settings on my Westell 7500
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  1. Use your web browser and go to

    It will ask for username/password which may be on the bottom of the router.
  2. I found the page you suggested but I see no mention of NAT settings. If you have any more suggestions, please send them on. I feel like I'm just a click or 2 away. Thanks again.
  3. Is this for a PS3? If so, just enabling UPnP (universal plug n play) in the router should suffice.
  4. I'm getting nowhere. Thanks for trying but nothing makes sense and I've lost the desire to keep trying. I am very frustrated, will live without XBox
  5. Did you try google? This was the top most answer.
  6. I have disconnected the Xbox and therefore am no longer seeking any further help. Please discontinue this thread
  7. This topic has been closed by Mousemonkey
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