how can I further optimize and speed up my pc with

how can I further optimize and speed up my pc with these specs:
is there a possibility to still make this pc faster w/out replacing any hardware the specs are:

my system is clean I reformated it, defragment, and scandisk it

the processor speed is already at it's fullest cause I cant overclock it anymore, and the mobo cant cache all the physical memory installed.

BTW will i get much faster speed if I increased my mobo's cache which is 512k from 64MB to 128MB

my problem is this I have a VX PRO+ UDMA33 mobo runs at 512k cache, sysoft told me that
Warning W2510: Chipset may not be able to cache all the physical memory installed.
Tip T2536:
System has no SMBus/i2c/BMB bus support.

how can i make my mobo cache all the physical memory in my mobo, i have two RAM installed (1 64 MB and 1 32 MB SDRAM)I know this is possible cause one guy told me that in the bios dated 04/30/98-537+UMC8670F-2A5LDH09C-00. somebody told me that i can cache upto 128Mb of RAM. The default setting caches only 64Mb.
Tell me how how to do it pls
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  1. Wow

    No offense intended, but maybe it's time for a new motherboard and CPU. Seems like the best thing in this box is the CD-ROM drive. It looks like you're trying to squeeze blood from a turnip, especially running ME.

    If you want to keep squeezing, please provide the brand and model of the motherboard, the memory configuration (how many pins or if you will... what type, speed and frequency as well as how many sticks you are using) This will help determine capabilities for a better answer.

    Steve Benoit

    Stable Technologies
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  2. well my motherboard is a VX PRO+ CHIPSET UDMA33 with bios string of 04/30/98-537+UMC8670F-2A5LDH09C-00, I have two sticks of SDRAM one 64 MB pc 100 and one 32 MB pc100 both are installed to a 168 pin (dont exactly know how many pin)
    I have a s3 trio 64v+ 1 MB video card installed to a PCI slot, a 16 bit creative sound blaster installed to an ISA slot, 3 harddisk (1 1.7 GB mode 4, 1 220 MB mode1, 1 220 MB mode0) my processor is a Pentium 200 MMX overclocked to 225 Mhz using the 75 Mhz FSB multiplied to 3 (225 Mhz is the maximum overclock Ive made cause Intel chips doesnt recognize higher multipliers, currently my motherboard caches only 64 MB (they said it) I have a total of 96 MB RAM, running an operating system of win me, havent decided if im going back to win 95. btw Im also planning to change my bios again in order for the motherboard to cache 128 MB of RAM, will it give me more speed if I enable "sustained 3t write)? what I mean is making my mobo cache higher than 64 MB.

    now can you tell me how to further squeeze speed out of this system?
  3. Sounds like you squeezed all that could be squashed!!! :-)
    If you would like a faster computer I would think about upgrading to another used system. You can buy a 500 Mhz AMD K6-2 system for next to nothing today. I can almost guess from your config that you are not a serious gamer. You don't need more than 500 Mhz K6-2 and 128/256 MB RAM to run all applications currently on the market.

    My name is Jond, Bames Jond.

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  4. To answer you question... No.

    This has gone about as far as it will go. You should consider getting:

    A) A New Mainboard and CPU
    B) A New 7200RPM Hard Disk (Keep one of the old ones for your system cache)
    C) Something with onboard AC97 sound or a new audio solution to replace the ISA Audio solution.
    D) Something with onboard Video or AGP Video to replace the 1MB Video Solution.
    E) At Minimum a single stick of Single Sided PC133 CAS2 RAM.

    Even a 440BX board would be better than this. You should be able to get all of the above for under $300.00

    Steve Benoit

    Stable Technologies
    'The way IT should be!'
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