Rage..good or lousy?


did anyone buy this and like it? I heard mixed reviews about it. I heard it was very buggy and the storyline was so so, but the only thing was the graphics.
I like a game like has a good story like crysis 1/2, something like mass effect..etc..

is this game worthi buying or is the story line pretty lousy?

Just wanted some feedback before shelling out the $60 to buy it as I can't return it and if the story is lousy and the game is bug ridden, I may pass as I cant return it being a PC game.
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  1. i heard it was a great game... but realy buggy for ati players. nVidia has had less issues
  2. not getting any issues playing it with a gtx570

    maxing it out at 60fps at 1920 x 1200

    just out of interest i wanted to see how high fps i could get and thats the only issue i have had that turning off vsync doesnt work

    the story line is ok --though you have to do some things in a certain order before you can do other things--so a door you want to go through or a road you want to drive on just to explore a bit may remain locked off until you do a certain task to open them

    so its not quite as free roaming as say crysis

    playing it on normal level and one good thing is you get decent weapons early enough in the game so you are not too outgunned

    and vehicles are also available early on in the game so no having to walk and run everywhere

    so for me its a decent game --probably 8.5 out of 10
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