Ps3 disc on pc?

So, ive been trying to find a way to get my oblivion (which is on ps3) to work on my pc. Does anyone know of any programs that could decode it and make it work on here? Or possibly an emulator? I really want to try all those mods, but i dont want to buy a 3rd copy of oblivion for my pc =.=
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  1. I know that lite-on blu ray drives have the same components as a ps3 blu ray drive. It is a possibility that is for sure. As for emulators now, the PS2 emu still has problems. It takes a lot out of a CPU for a steady FPS so I don't think there will be a decent PS3 emu for a long long time.
  2. alright. I'll have to research on that a bit ^^ thanks for the info. Hopefully i can find something :D
  3. Don't waste your time looking for a solution.

    The only way to play a PS3 game on a PC is if there is an emulator. No PS3 emulator exists. Move on to another game.
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