For One Grand, will this gaming rig cut it?

Was thinking of picking up this Gaming rig from Newegg, mainly for BF3, Skyrim, Diablo III, Rage, etc. What's your thoughts on it? Worth the coin?
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    That will be a pretty solid system, but you may not be able to play everything at maxed setting, but you should get good settings regardless depending on your resolution. The only part that lacks is the graphics card is a mid-range card, which isn't bad, just not great.
  2. Thanks for the input, bystander.

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I wouldn't be able to do SLI or Crossfire with it unless I had the proper motherboard, correct? I'm thinking, upgrading would require a new mobo and two vid cards or just getting a new vid card a few years down the road.
  3. According to the pictures, it has this motherboard:

    That means it can crossfire or sli with the current motherboard.
  4. I have seen better, but that one is certainly a lot better than my Certified Data. You could even swap out the graphics card for something more high-end.

    So sure, that's a pretty good and high machine.
  5. That. Is. Incredible. You just made my day. Perhaps it'd be worthwhile to get the second card right off the bat, and I could use any brand Radeon 6850 in SLI with it, correct? How could I find out if I need a better power supply two support 2 cards, or if the 700W would cut it?
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