BF3 beta bottleneck

I have recently purchased a Gigabyte Radeon 6850 however I am only getting 20-30 frames per second even on lowest settings and lowest resolution whilst playing Battlefield 3 beta on Caspian Border map.

My Specs are:

4GB Generic DDR2 800 RAM
AMD Phenom X2 550 Black Edition
Windows 7 64-Bit

In-game my RAM usage sits around 60% so its not that.

I'm thinking that it is my dual-core CPU because there is no difference in framerates when I apply either 'Low', 'High' or even 'Ultra' settings.

Is it my CPU, poorly optimized graphics card drivers, poorly optimized beta or something entirely different?

Cheers, scamper2
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  1. Does your game crash much on Caspian? I am getting the same FPS issues + crashing.
  2. yeah you want a nice quad core cpu for that game really but its well juicy on graphics to. check my post and others in this thread:
  3. a proper quad is needed to run bf3 well as it is a cpu intense game
  4. +1 quad, is needed, suspect 6850 would be ok.
  5. Are you quoting out of the game after changing settings? You have to reload the client for the settings to apply, I know, it's gay.

    Otherwise, as others have suggested a quad is really required to play the game decently.
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