Low FPS/Crash in BF3, hardware too slow?

Core2Duo E7500 overclocked to 3.85ghz
4 gb DDR2 800
Nvidia 8800GT
@ 1680x1050, graphic setting to low, no background apps open, fresh restart, etc...

Operation Metro map works pretty well, the FPS does drop in big fire fights, rarely crashes. Caspian Border is really bad, when ever action happens I get really bad FPS drops, and it crashes in about 5-8 min.

Are the crashes a result of my system specs or result of beta issues?

I assume the FPS I am getting will be no better in the full release. I dont have a ton of cash to spend, ~$300, what should I upgrade 1st?
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  1. your specs are very low for that game, but have you checked out what temps your gpu and cpu are running during gameplay? that might be somethign you need to check out
  2. your above minimum spec but only just.. with them settings and spec you should be able to play at @ medium setting dx9 if dx10 is enabled as the default you will need to make it dx9 (in the beta you cant or at least i havent looked) but in the full version you may be allowed to adjust the config files like on BFBC2 the 88gt is a great dx9 card probably the best but it was too weak to run dx10 propperly... so stick to dx9 settings on all your games and you may be able to up the over all quality and still have playable fps.

    also i also suffer massive fps drops on caspian (see below for my specs) ... i went from a solid 60 to 7... i thought it was just the server but it may be the game itself. it certainly didnt do this on metro. but then again i installed the latest driver for my card, ment to fix both rage and bf3.
    it did fix rage i havent tried bf3 metro yet but caspian seems even more broke.
  3. i thought bf3 didnt have a dx9 mode? and i thought bf3 swas a cpu intense game that says minimum 2 cores.... but really should be played on 4?
  4. Would a Q9550 be a good upgrade? I really cant afford to switch to a new socket.
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