what exactly are 4 in 1 drivers?

I think they are drivers for the mobo, like for the chipset? I have a ASUS A7M266 that my friend is going ot help me put together, should I assume that these 4 in 1 drivers are not on the cd that came with the mobo and I have to download them from somewhere? Also where would that somewhere be ASUS website? Ive looked around there and didnt see anything. Any help appreciated.
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  1. Your 4-in-1 drivers should definitely be on the CD. I'm not sure exactly what they contain, but they have to do with the PCI, AGP, IDE busses. So you may find that your hard disks run really slow or that you can't get good frame rates on your graphics card until you install the 4-in-1 drivers.

    It may be a good idea to check out the ASUS web page to get the most recent BIOS and 4-in-1 drivers for your board.

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  2. It is in your mobo's CD, but is not the newest.
    <A HREF="http://downloads.viaarena.com/drivers/4in1/4in1433V.zip" target="_new"><b><font color=red>VIA 4-in-1 driver 4.33</A></b></font color=red>

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  3. Are these really the drivers that I need? My mobo has the AMD 760 northbridge and the VIA 686b southbridge, is that link to what i need? wouldnt I need something from AMD in addition, or instead of drivers from Via?
  4. #1 Install Via 4-1 v4.33 from site listed above. In installation, do NOT click "Install AGP Driver"
    #2 Install AMD AGP Driver, d/l from: http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/TechnicalResources/0,,30_182_871_2336,00.html

    Download version for your OS, and install.
  5. I have read many posts stating if you're running Win2k to NOT install ANY VIA (4-in-1 or others) drivers, but just install SP2 instead. What you think of this?



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  6. "what exactly are 4 in 1 drivers?" you ask?

    They are VIA's 'solution' to many of the problems it's chipsets have. It's safe to bet that they won't stop shipping out newer and newer versions as more and more problems are found. As of the latest 4-in-1 drivers, VIA did not even solve their DATA CORRUPTION problem when using a 686b southbridge mobo and SoundBLaster card. You'd have to resort to a BIOS upgrade or a 3rd party temporary fix!!! Way to go VIA!! You can't even fix your own problems!!!!

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  7. Ron,

    I have Windows 2000 w/SP2, and install Via 4.33 4-1's all the same. No problems whatsoever, and everything is functioning normally.
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