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I just bought a 1.2 200 fsb amd TB . Ihave a asus a7v rev 1.02 i got the lastest bios 1008 i set the board up for jumpless . when i put the chip in nothing comes up on the screen. Put back my 800 tb starts up. what im i doing wrong? i did notice even in jumper that i still have to set the dip swices for freq mult. is this correct? the switches work if i set it up for my 800 but not the 1.2. i also no in the new manual it shows in the bios that u set the mult in the bios . why come i cant do that

/ any suggestion PLZ HELP

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  1. When using <b>Jumperfree mode</b>, all switches must be at <b>OFF</b> position and <b><font color=red>JEN</b></font color=red> has to be in 2-3 position, also all voltage jumpers (VID) are at 3-4.
    Is your TB 1200 133FSB (9*133) or 100FSB (12*100)? If it is the first one you need to change its multiplier to 12 (meaning use JUMPER MODE) in order to run it at 1200MHz.

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