How can i lower in my average ping?

how can i reduce my ping with the avarege of 10
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  1. do you mean your average ping is 10 ms?

    if so thats fast--mine is 27ms when tested here
  2. mostly it depends where you are in relation to the server. most uk servers should be under 45 ms up to 500 miles away east coast of america should be around 130.
    to get a ping of 10 ms you have to be within 50 miles of the server and have a good quality connection.

    1 thing i do know if your in the uk... with BT lines your ping will be substantially higher than if your with ntl telewest/virgin media.. often more than double... and its even worse if you have the line booster (compresses the data stream to put x2 the data in the same space used by the un boosted line)
    you can run apps that will tune your browser. so it loads pages quicker and the likes. or you can go a little deeper and adjust the tcp/ip with apps like this this can be complex so read the help section till you understand it. always make a backup of any file that is gonna be adjusted and put it in a safe folder so you dont accidently over write your original untweeked settings.
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