help with ecs k7s5a

just installed the new board. it goes through the post fine and soon as windows starts to load it locks up on the cloud screen with the little hourglass & mouse pointer,never does make it to the desktop. locks up same place everytime.i can reboot & get to safe mode but have know idea what to do.thanks for your help. thunderbird 1.4 266,256mb crucial ddr,300 watt ps,radeon 64,soundblaster xgamer 5.1, windows 98se
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  1. I built a system with that board (I think, it was something with a Sis735) and had no trouble. Make sure you have the proper bios settings. Try clearing the CMOS. When you get into safe mode check to see if there are any IRQ conflicts and check in device manager to see if anything is funky. Let me know where this gets you. If you need more help send me a private message.
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