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BF3 and my computer

Hi all i'd appreciate some help here :D . So i wanna play BF3 badly and just got the beta, but i have terrible FPS on 1920x1080P. I am looking at a computer upgrade
Here are the specs:
AMD ATHLON II 640 X4 processor at 3.0 GHZ
ATI RADEON 5570 HD (I know this needs an upgrade)
1000GB hard drive
M68MT-S2 motherboard
Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit
So my question is, what GPU should i get thats affordable and will run at least 50 FPS large BF3 maps (like Caspian Border) on ultra settings? I am looking at the GTX 560 TI, but I don't know if my motherboard will support cards like these. and also, since im a complete newbie to computers, what other factors should i look at before i buy a new graphics card? Is the rest of my computer compatible with a new one? and also i dont know how to check my powersupply so can someone please tell me? thanks
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  1. yes the 560Ti will work in that board; it is also am3+ so you can run either the phenomIIx4 or x6 or the new bulldozers coming out. the graphics card is the biggest issue here. upgrade that and you will see huge gains with the 560Ti. next i would say get a new cpu, but since you have an am3+ board, then you are most likely waiting for bulldozer correct?
    what psu are you using?
  2. hi thanks for the info, though i read here that the motherboard wont support those bulldozers, so which is correct? Also, how necessary is the CPU upgrade? i only got this computer 7 months ago and don't wanna have so spend tons of money again to pretty much upgrade everything. On Sysrequirementslab, it said my CPU passes BF3's recommended settings. I am going to college in 9 months where i wont bring my PC so can my CPU last 9 months worth of new games?
    And as for PSU, i have no clue how to open up my computer to check :(
  3. a 560ti won't run ultra 50+ on caspian, ultra is SLI recommended. i've got a 470, i'm guessing roughly = to 560ti and i'm getting 30's to 40's at slightly higher res than 1080p. it'd be very playable, but no what you are asking for, just want to set expectations here.

    There's a bf3 thread with a link to a google spreadhseet of peoples performance with cards and cpu listed.
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    sorry found it... yeah if you want to upgrade your cpu you are limited to am3 atm
    the bang for buck would be the 965 or 955 BE from amd. the 560Ti will still work fine in that mobo
  5. ok thanks for the help man, now i can buy the card with a peace of mind :)
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  7. Just make sure that you have an adequate psu for that new card and you're all set. Happy gaming
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