Poll - How many would buy Dual PIII Tualatin Board

Well, this is my very fist post in THG Community. I am curious and wanted to ask all of you the following: If a respected motherboard company introduces a dual Pentium III Tualatin board that allows up to 2GB of SDRAM, would you purchase it ? If not, what would be your next choice of motherboard and why?
I am about to purchase parts to build my next PC and wanted your thoughts on the current mobo hardware available.

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  1. depends on what you plan to use it for. if it's for a production server that'll be serving up a lot of content and taking a lot of hits, definitely INTEL [cant think of model right off hand], followed by ASUS CUR-DLS. both hold up to 4GB of RAM and they've got a nice pipeline and can handle plenty of traffic, for about $500-$600. if it's for home/workstation use or gaming, i'd go with any dual from ABIT, ASUS, or INTEL. prices range from $150-$250 [excellent for ripping!] All of these are for P3 up to 1.0GHz. in my opinion, if you're looking for a Tualatin, why not go for the P4 instead? again, it all depends on what you're gonna ge using it for.
  2. No. I don't know of any satisfactory chipsets for the Tualatin in dual configuration.

    Back to you Tom...
  3. JRNNZ,

    Thanks for your input. I guess I have more research to do. But I have ruled out the P4 at this time. I'll build my new system this year, and when Intel releases their i845 chipset for DDR SDRAM, then I will upgrade. I'll just swap PC#2 mobo with my PC#1 system. Then I'll build my PC#3 using my current mobo to give away. My current PC#1 system includes an ASUS P3V4X/Slot1 733EB PIII, with 512MB PC133 Micron CL2 SDRAM, overclocked to 144Mhz FSB, CPU 792Mhz, no special cooling. I'm ready to build my second system for multimedia-Photoshop/35mm slide scanner applications.

  4. Crashman,

    I bet only VIA will/could develop such a board since Intel has purposefully limited their i815E chipsets. I am sticking with PIII at this time.

  5. Serverworks makes a great chipset, but it's not for high-performance PC's.

    Back to you Tom...
  6. tualatin chips are expensive, but if you absolutely needed a dual setup with lots of cache you'd have to go older Xeons or Tualatin. I can't remember the benchmarks, but don't dual Athlon MPs @1.2 GHz do better than dual Tualatins @1.2 GHz?
  7. I don't know, the Tualatin 256k squarely matches the T-Bird in most apps (except for extremely FPU intensive apps), the 512k slightly beet s the T-Bird (same exception) so it should be a good match to the MP. BUT I think the AMD northbidge for the MP has a little better performance (along with the crappy VIA southbridge) than anything avialable for the Tulatin. SiS should make a dually chipset based on a modified 735, but I digress....

    Back to you Tom...
  8. If the fastest Tualatins are going to be 1.26 GHz then when AMD gets their MPs into the 1.4-1.5 and up range they'll probably still be cheaper than Tualitin and provide much better performance at the higher frequencies. So I guess at the moment the Tualatins are nice for a multi processor setup if your willing to pay the extra money over the Athlon MPs.
    One thing is for sure though, intel HAS been in the MP market longer than AMD.
  9. If any of my current motherboards supported Tualatins, I would get the Celeron 1200 (a PIII 256k Tualatin w/100FSB) and overclock it to 133FSB. Any Tualatin should be able to hit 1600MHz, and the Celeron should be cheap. Great competition for the T-Bird, with both at 133FSB. But that has nothing to do with a dualy settup, SO...
    I would stick with a Coppermine PIII 1000 and an old fashioned Asus P2B-D with the latest BIOS that supports 133FSB. Until something truely better comes along.

    Back to you Tom...
  10. My friend has one of those Celerons, its sold as a pentium 3 though from dell. 1.1 GHz with 256k of cache 100 MHz FSB. I thought it was strange being 1.1 GHz and a Pentium 3, now I know its one of the new celerons.
  11. Well, the typical Tualatin will overclock 1600-1700+. So I'd take one of those Celeron 1200's if it would fit any of my motherboards, but since it won't I'll probably not own any Tualatin machines until one comes in used.

    Back to you Tom...
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