ECS K7S5A & K7AMA HELP!!! Please!

I have 2 1.4 GHz Athlons. One is in a K7S5A mobo and one in a K7AMA mobo. Out of no where my K7S5A died. Fans run, hard drive spins but nothing shows up on the screen. Everything is plugged in. I cleared CMOS and still nothing. So I started swaping out compenents with my K7AMA that was still working. Ram was fine, Hard drive was fine, then when I put in the video card I encountered the same problem where everything powered up but nothing showed on screen. Monitor said "No Signal". So I figured the video card was the problem. But when I put the working video card BACK into my K7AMA it stopped working too. Same problem, fans run, hard drive spins, but monitor says "No Signal". Cleared the CMOS and still nothing. Everything is plugged in, and I tried reseating everything, and still nothing. One point to consider is when the hard drive starts spinning after about 5 seconds I hear a "thud", (hard to describe it any better that that), kind of sound. Almost like its working fine and then it doesn't like something. Does anyone have any advice on what to do next? Or experienced anything like this? Could the bad video card have some how killed both mobos?? I'm at a total loss and would appreciate any help what so ever as I went from 2 working machines down to none!!

Thanks in advance for any suggestion or comments.
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  1. Hi Killian

    Did your K7s5a work before or is this a new set-up?
    Also what are the rest of your specs.....particularly the video cards and PSU's??

    K7S5A. 1.2T'Bird@266Mhz 128Mb DDR. WinNT4 ......No Problems!
  2. Thanks for the reply. The K7S5A has been up and running for about 3 or 4 weeks. The video card in the K7S5A is a TNT2 and the video card in the K7AMA is a Geforce2 MX200. They both have 300 watt generic power supplies. Neither one of them had given me any trouble what so ever before this. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Neither one of the mobos is doing a POST beep. No beeping what so ever. The only thing that happens when I power on is the fans run and I can hear the hard drive spin.
  4. It sounds like your video card has died

    K7S5A. 1.2T'Bird@266Mhz 128Mb DDR. WinNT4 ......No Problems!
  5. That sounds like a similar problem to what I am experiencing. I posted last night (video shut down problem). With mine, once in a while the computer turns off, but the fans keep running and the hdd spins up. It will not POST again unless I wait a long time (hour or so) for it down? I guess thats what the wait must be. When the computer is like this, I can swap video cards and it still won't POST. But if I let it cool, then any video card seems to work. I hear the thud from the hdd too; it happens at about the time I should get a POST beep. I'm fairly sure neither of my video cards caused this, but I guess that is a possibility.
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