How to stop window focus change with mouse hover purposely enabled?

thread name doesnt explain the question very well, but to elaborate: i purposely have window focus change with mouse hover enabled in the control panel ease of access options. but i remember in win xp pro, i had the mouse hover enabled, but it wouldnt actually pop the other window in front of everything, it would just allow me to actively use it while it was in the background. in other words, window A is in the background of window B. they are both notepad. window B has focus and i am able to type in it. window A, by hovering my mouse over it, takes focus in that i am now able to type in its window but it remains in the background of window B. i am also able to scroll through the data in window B without bringing it to the foreground. it is not until i physically click on window B that it takes focus fully and pops to the foreground of window A. this was extremely useful to me and id love to have it back.

anyone know how to make this happen?
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