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First off my system....Evga X58 SLI FTW3 motherboard, I7-950 intel chip, 6 gigs of ram, (2) Evga GeForce GT 460's, PSU 1250....ok you got the's the issue when I first built this computer about 7 months ago, I was able to run "Project IGI" Perfectly.......I long ago uninstalled, but recently I wanted to play that game again...I download it, and I have tremendous Graphic issues that are so bad that I'm unable to play the game....Any suggestions??
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  1. Where did you download the game from?
    Which OS are you using?
  2. I downloaded it from "GamersGate" OS is Windows 7 Pro
  3. Did you try playing the game in compatibility mode?
  4. Yes, I've tryed just about everything.....That's why I came here to post if I missed any ideas,,
  5. I'd try running the game as Admin & Compatibility mode.

    Windows 7 doesn't run 16-bit (DOS) games anymore...I haven't checked if Project IGI is 16-bit but if so, that's your problem.

    Edited: I meant 16 bit.
  6. I have done both...still dose not work...Any other Ideas...
  7. Did you try Virtual XP mode?
  8. What graphic issues are u getting?
    Try tweaking the graphic settings..
    I reccomend u play some newer games if u havent...
  9. Have you tried VMLite ( It's a free software which also provides a XPMode.
  10. Yes, I have tryed Virtual XP mode..But everytime I try to run it on VXP it always tells me that I'm missing 3D3 Graphic Drivers....I did a search on that, and really came up emty......Could you help me there???

    Yes, I do play "Newer Games"
  11. Ok I swithc to Vitual XP Mode, but every time I launch the game it tells me, "No D3D Drivers with Hardware Acceleration". I keep look that up on "Google" and it seems everyone has an idea that just dose not work.....Do you all understand this and help me out???
  12. Have you even installed your graphic driver properly?
  13. Yep
  14. tei
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