How to know if i have a good pc gaming

Is this a good computer for gaming?
Processor: AMD A8-3850 APU (4x 2.90GHz/4MB L2 Cache)
Video Card:AMD Radeon HD 6870 - 1GB
Hard Drive::500 GB
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  1. I don't know about the whole llano thing, but the GPU is fine if you're not at an insane res.
  2. Don't get the APU if you intend to get discrete graphics. The APU makes sacrifices to CPU power to get better performance on the integrated graphics, which is irrelevant with a 6870. Look at a Phenom II X4 or an i3 2100 as a CPU in that price bracket.
  3. Agreed with Supernova.
    You won't be needing an APU if you're running a discrete video card. Get a better processor.
  4. Well yea its good enough but simply getting a Phenom II X4 cpu like the 955 or 965 will make your system so much better for gaming.

    Your video card is good and so s everything else its just the CPU is your weak point.
  5. i agree your processor isnt so good so it will start to bottleneck your pc in performance.

    Get a new processor!!!!!
  6. Same i got the same problem. I need to know if this is an OKAY computer. Guys i'm just wondering :P Link to system details:
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