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Howdy folks,

For the first time since I started using Windows 7, I've hit a snag with an older game: Dune 2000 requires Windows (i.e. does not run in DosBox), but it uses a 16bit installer which does not work in a 64bit OS.

Some extensive Googling has not given me any proper solutions. Any suggestions?
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  1. Run it in VM. I think that will be the easiest.
  2. Have you tried installing it in compatibility mode?
  3. das_stig said:
    Have you tried installing it in compatibility mode?

    No good. The 16bit installer doesn't work, no matter what combination of settings you try. I'm pretty sure the game will run if I can get past the installation process.
  4. Pyree said:
    Run it in VM. I think that will be the easiest.

    Probably, although I was hoping not to go this route. I will use Windows XP mode if there's no other choice.
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    Yeah, your options are either Virtual Machine, or hope someone has written an unofficial 32 bit installer for that particular game. I had a similar problem with a lot of the Star Wars games from the 90s. Fortunately someone wrote 32 bit installers for most of them, so all you need to do is pull all the data off the CD into a folder, replace the stock installer exe with the custom one, then create a new disk image from that folder. That got the X-Wing series games installed on Windows 7 64 bit anyway.
  6. Try decompressing the archives with 7z or winrar, then just run the executables.
  7. hairystuff said:
    Try decompressing the archives with 7z or winrar, then just run the executables.

    That's an interesting idea.. Will see if it works.
  8. No good, 7z and WinRAR don't recognize the archives. Any other suggestions?
  9. I tried installing the game on a PC with W7-32, which worked perfectly. I then copied the game folder across to my W7-64 PC. It runs now, but doesn't pick up the game CD and thus I cannot play anything except LAN games.

    Next step is to try some registry hacks..
  10. Ok, so no luck with XP mode either. The required video modes are not supported by the XP mode VM.

    I ended up installing the Gruntmods version, which has been tweaked a bit vs the original but works fine.
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  12. Bonjour,
    Présentation d'une méthode d'installation de Dune2000 (Westwood) sous windows7 64bits :
    (Rappel le setup.exe est en 16bits...donc ne fonctionne pas sous win7 64bits)

    Etape 1 : sous win7, installer windows XP Mode
    Etape 2 : sous Windows XP mode installer DemonTool lite
    Etape 3 : monter votre répertoire Dune2000 sous DT lite et exécuter l'installation par défaut (C:\westwood\ qui contient \Dune2000 et \Internet)
    Etape 4 : copier le répertoire C:\Westwood et collez le sous un disque USB ou directement sur votre C:\ de votre Win7...
    une fois cela fait vous n'avez plus besoin de Windows XP Mode...vous pouuvez le fermer.
    Etape 5 : sous Windows7, installer DemonTool lite
    Etape 6 : monter votre répertoire Dune2000 sous DT lite
    Etape 7 : dans le répertoire où vous avez installé Dune2000 clic droit sur DUNE2000.EXE : envoyer vers : bureau (créer un raccourci)
    Etape 8 : en toute logique, vous devriez pouvoir exécuter Dune2000 directement...mais il peut arriver que vous ayez besoin de passer en mode compatibilité, dans ce cas choisissez compatibilité windows XP SP3...

    En espérant avoir aidé ceux qui aiment ce vieux jeux...
  13. If you are still looking for a way to get Dune 2000 to run, and if you feel like doing some work to get it working, then see below.

    This is how I eventually got it working, on my system.

    I got it working, under a Oracle VirtualBox running Windows 95.

    I suppose if you are running windows, as your main OS, you can also try the following solution, by installing Oracle VirtualBox, onto your Windows Machine, but here is how I eventually got it to run.

    I Eventually got Dune 2000 to run, properly.

    No bugs, not to fast, no sound or scrolling anomalies, no hanging every couple of seconds.

    I Tried it under wine, but it ran too fast, the scrolling was way too fast, even if you switch the scroll speed way down and it hanged every couple of seconds.

    I Also tried in an Oracle VirtualBox Running XP and Windows 98SE, with the same issues,

    I Eventually Got Dune 2000 working in openSUSE 12.2 64 bit, under a Oracle VirtualBox, running Windows 95.

    Here is what you'll need:
    1. Windows 95 Install Disk
    2. Windows 98SE Install Disk
    3. SciTech Display Driver, which can be downloaded from: 4. https://www.dropbox....ay-doctor-7.iso
    5. Dune 2000 Disk

    Step 1.

    Setup a VirtualBox with the following settings:
    Hard Drive 4GB
    Memory 512MB
    Enable IO APIC
    Enable PAE/NX
    No CPU Throttling
    Sound Set to emulate Sound Blaster 16

    Do Not enable:
    or Nested Paging

    Under the Display settings, I set it to 32MB with 3D & 2D Acceleration enabled.

    Step 2.

    Start the system with the Windows 98SE Disk. (The reason for this is that the 98SE Disk is bootable, but the 95 Disk isn't)
    Select Boot computer with cd-rom support.
    cd WIN98
    create 4GB Primary Partition and set it as active.
    (It should automatically set it as active)
    After creating the partition, the system will reboot.

    Boot with the 98 Disk again & select boot system with cd-rom support.


    cd WIN98
    format c: /S
    /S to copy system files

    Step 3.

    Insert Windows 95 Disk into CD-Rom.

    md WIN95
    cd WIN95
    copy D:\WIN95\*.* C:\WIN95 /Y
    cd WIN95

    Step 4.

    Install Windows 95
    Install SciTech Display Driver.
    (The SciTech Download is an iso, so you can mount it like you would a cd-rom drive.
    Enable SciTech Display Driver, enable driver only, do not enable any extended features.

    (for more info see: https://forums.virtu...opic.php?t=9918 )
    Change Resolution to 1024 x 768 16Bit

    Step 5.

    Install Dune2000

    Step 6.

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