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hi. my ping on call of duty multie offensive is normaly between 30 and 60. but when i switched laptop on the other day it jumped to over 600 and now cant get into my favourite servers. can you help please.
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  1. Ping is not usually something you can control. Other devices on the network (internet) can slow it down. Other than that, you might want to make sure you are running the newest lan driver for your laptop.
  2. You can reduce ping by moving your residence closer to the server you are pinging.
  3. try using a ethernet cable instead of wireless
  4. could be a problem with your connection, do you still get a good speed? when you ping websites do you get a lot of dropped packets?

    open a command prompt and type - ping -t

    let it run for a minute, if you get high pings or dropped packets you have a problem with your connection
  5. Have you checked your internet connection?
    What is the speed of your connection?
  6. If your having the same problem I had back in the day you prob can't get as many servers as you used to as well. Its been a while since I played that game and had that problem so I can't really remember what I did to fix it, if i did at all. Id try what hairystuff said.
  7. Stop streaming all of those adult videos while your gaming ;)
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