Sound Problem while playing games- help!!!

Hey guys, when I am playing games the sound is fine for around a minute but then I get bad distortion and finally it goes really quiet (like the bass has been completely taken out) - this makes games really annoying to play. Help?

My specs are-:
AMD Athlon II x4 640 3.0ghz
4gb DDR3 Ram
ATI 5770
VIA HD Audio (intergrated)
Win 7 64 bit

Please note this is a new problem that had arisen in the past couple of weeks, before I had no such problem

The games that I have tested that have this problem are- Fear 2 Demo and the Homefront Demo. I have tested COD 4 and I did not have this problem :S
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  1. well it could be an old driver, try updating it

    also within the games make sure the audio options are set to your sound card instead of some software mixer which might go on low priority once you start the game
  2. ok I updated the sound driver and I still have the problem, I also tried changing the sample rate to a lower value and I still have the problem :(
  3. actually I think this is a serious problem with netframework and direct x. I'm going to reinstall windows 7- its easier that way :)
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