Help with Aion FPS

My rig:
AMD 1100T Overclocked to 3.8 with corsair H80 cooler
crosshair forumal V mobo
corsair ddr3 dominator gt ram 1866
two MSI 6970 in crossfire x
corsair special white edition case
corsair ax850 power supply

why in a village or town on max settings im getting 25 fps or below and it gets laggy every other game i have runs smooth BCBC2, Crysis 2 etc all on max
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  1. well i suppose its not the gpu problem, but u are actually lagging in the city due to large amount of people concentrated at one place, it has been a known problem in aion, where i would like to know how much ping do u get in city and outside city.
  2. how much RAM do you currently have? and also VRAM

    aion uses a crap ton of RAM to play without hitch.

    If im not mistaken Aion is also CPU heavy, i played Aion myself for a while and it seemed to rely more on my CPU than my GPU for generating content ( things load late or monsters/structures/etc. visibly load infornt of you)

    also go back and make sure that the type of RAM you are using is compliant with your motherboard, also for a thought, some games do not support overclocking ( WoW for example) and will give poor performance on a multi core processor. You could try returning your CPU clock to factory and see if you get better performance from Aion.

    wouldnt hurt to monitor your CPU temperature during load, temperatures that are in the 60's to 70's arent good.

    or you could just have a faulty GPU, or maybe even a bad stick of RAM
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