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Crazy bios or OS???

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October 2, 2001 3:21:54 PM

Athlon 1GHz 133MHz FSB(not OC)
Abit KG7 Raid
2 Maxtor 25GB HDD wired in Raid 0
Inno3d 32MB Geforce 2 GTS card
a CDRW and a CDROM drive
FDD drive
creative audigy DE soundcard
256MB Crucial Ram (1 piece)
Global WinCak38 HSF
Global Win8 Case Exhaust Fan
400W Powmax PSU

i set the CLS of my RAM to 2 when i first bought the system without installing any OS...
the whole computer worked stable and well, however, recently, i started getting sudden reboots...

no matter what i do, the system occasionally reboots by itself... also, i'd also sometimes get all sorts of Illegal Operations with different applications i run...

i updated my Norton Antivirus and scanned the system - no virus...
run scandisk - no problems on my disk drives
used both Via Hardware Monitor and also MBM 5.09 to check my CPU temp - 50 degree celsius at full load, 45 idle
HSF working - everything fine...

as a last resort, i reformatted both HDD, repartitioned them and wired them back to Raid 0 as well...
while installing Windows on my cleanly formatted HDDs, the Setup will keep on rebooting the system by itself...
sometimes, just after Setup finished with Scandisk, i'd get an error:

Error on DOS Extender:

next is just a huge chunk of memory address which i believed it the core dump or something...

finally, with frequent reboots, i managed to finish windows installation - same reboots happened when i installed driver softwares...
when i have finished setting up the whole system (frequent reboots will solve the problem temporarily), i tried running simple programs such as MS Word in Safe Mode - same problem, keep rebooting...
in normal mode the same stuff happened...

i also tried the latest Via 4-in-1 driver, latest GTS card driver, latest Detonator, latest Bios, but nothing seemed to work...
i've already tried to update all my drivers, but the problem won't bulge

then, i suddenly though of changing the CLS...
i switched it to 2.5, but this time i can't get into Windows...
after loading all the autoexec.bat and other startup files, just before the GUI loads, i'd get an error:
Windows Protection Error. You will need to restart your computer

i did many reboots, started it in safe mode, but this problem persists, even when i changed the CLS back to 2...
finally, i started Windows in Logged Mode (with a bootlog file created), the problem finally go away...

however, each time i entered the bios, the same protection fault will pop out...
even if i didn't do any changes - just checked my PC health status, Windows won't load...
i tried clearing my CMOS - but the problem still persists...

so now i'm left with 2 problems - frequent reboots and unable to change my bios...
i'm sorry for such a long text, but i'm really at my wit's end...
pls can anyone help??? thanx in advance

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October 2, 2001 8:03:13 PM

Try to increase your CPU's VCore a little bit.

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October 2, 2001 10:42:07 PM

hmmm i just built a system w/ kg7r and corsiar 512 ddr stick...and i had the same problem.... it would restart constantly everytime windows about to boot...but it only happened in cas 2 2.5 it ran fine...dunno if this helps...
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a c 435 V Motherboard
October 2, 2001 10:48:25 PM

If increasing your cpu core voltage doesn't work, you may want to try a different power supply. I wouldn't buy one, but try to borrow one from a friend. If you can't do this, I would rma the board back to the vender or abit. Abit issued an rma for me after I explained my vender wouldn't accept any returns after 30 days.
October 3, 2001 4:18:18 AM

Try to isolate the problem try the following settings in bios:(  one at a time please)

set ram timings to cl3
set fsb to 100/133, and 100/100
try unplugging all unneccesary case fans cd-roms etc to decrease the load to the power supply.

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a b V Motherboard
October 10, 2001 3:56:44 AM

Re: Crazy bios or OS???

Maybe niether. If none of the other posted tips work, and your willing to try one more time, then try this. Remove your primary HDD and stick it in another comp running the same OS you are going to run. Give it a full format. Then (and here's the important bit) remove the Creative sound card, reinstall the HDD and try a fresh OS reload. Sound crazy?? try it, you might be suprised
a b V Motherboard
October 10, 2001 10:55:34 AM

I couldn't run CL=2 until I got a good hs/fan to cool this thing down.... (still can't OC FSB, but got multiplier up to 11.5 with CL=2/Turbo