Official 120GB xbox 360 HDD format problems, help D:

Hey so i recently though i would upgrade to a shiney 120GB official xbox 360 Hard drive, to match the elite console i had recently brought.

I however cheap-ed out on the transfer cable, opting for a cheap Chinese knock-off rather than spend the full 15£ or whatever the stupid price was that MS wanted for theirs (this is about 3/4 the price i paid for my HDD ;/) so after receiving both items i read the instructions and didn't manage to get it to work, note; the 120GB new drive worked perfectly to start with. but after awhile i chose the option 'format to USB' or something similar (this is with the new 120GB plugged into the XBOX using the cheap cable) now i know this was completely the wrong thing to do, but i was out of ideas at the time and didn't think it would hurt it. /facepalm. basically now the xbox only shows the new drive as a 1gb memory stick, (when plugged in correctly on the top, or using this cable). and I'm not really sure if/how i can fix this drive to be read as a normal drive again.

any help is appreciated.

I'm sorry i know i haven't explained this situation very well, please ask if you need any more information.

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  1. bump for some help
  2. having the exact same problem
  3. another bump, still have the problem, and im sure there is a way to fix this, any help appreciated.

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