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Good Co-op PC Titles

Hey i'm looking for a good Co-op/Multiplayer game preferably from steam, games i'm not interested in or have already played include Dead island,lfd2,portal 2 and killing floor. Also i am wondering if my PC would run Borderlands even if its on low settings wouldn't bother me? im also interested in any Single player/Co-op RPG games with lots of story and Character development.

Intel core i3 3.07Ghz
ATI Radeon HD 5450 1gig
4gig ram
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    you grafix card is kinda low so i'm not sure if you'll be able to play borderlands, I suggest save some money and upgrade your video card during black friday, Borderlands will be on sale during the steam holiday blowout and you might be able to get it for $5 -$7.
    Then save some more money and invest in Colonial Marines, it will have Co-op built in when it comes out. So far it is looking sweet (just think of L4D2 but with aliens)
  2. Gears of war 1, resident evil 5 and many more
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  4. Wait Can you play Dead Island on Low on that Card? If you can I Bet you can play Borderlands. It's not a very demanding game. I saw people playing Borderlands on a 4350.

    I bet you can Play Borderlands on Low

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