Updating Asus 4in1 drivers

have had my new puter now for about 3 weeks.
when i first got it up and running i used the 4.32 4in1's.
since then they have released 4.33.
i have d/l and tried to install them, but get various errors when i try this.
basically i am wondering if this is normal?
do i have to uninstall the old ones first?
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  1. You shouldn't have to uninstall the old ones. I don't even know how. But, did you download the ones from <A HREF="http://www.via.com.tw" target="_new">www.via.com.tw</A>? If those are messed up, I can email them to you if you want.

    Kernel32.dll error...aw, son of a.... :eek:
  2. I have read in a previous post that VIA drivers are really fussy and must first be uninstalled prior to upgrading. Do this in the SCSI Adapters control panel. Select the VIA driver and click remove then reboot. You can now install your updated 4 in 1 Drivers.

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  3. Just run the same 4-in-1 program that you did to install them in the first place, it will give you checkboxes to choose uninstall each element.

    Boot, (shutdown.. not re-start) and run the new 4-in-1. To install the upgrade.

    I think 4-in-1 is similar to most other programs. You are beggin for probs if you install versions on top of eachother. (may not overwrite devices that are in use)
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