one long beep sound during copmuter POST

today i cleared my cmos setting. after that i found that i cant boot up computer anymore.....all i hear is a long beep sound (about 2 sec)(no screen) and then it turn off power itself...what's happening ?? is it my cpu problem ? or bios ?

my MB is asus A7V with bios version 1008
ive test my RAM on another copmuter,,,it was ok...and if i take the RAM off the MB and turn on the copmuter, it wont make that long sound just make normal short beep sound which indicat that no RAM have been found..
could anyone help me out ?? plz
Thanks a lot
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  1. depending on the board, the beep codes are different, sounds like you caught something (vid card maybe) when clearing the cmos, a general reseat should fix it.

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  2. well, most probabely its hardware misconfiguration problem. reseat the memory as well as the video card.

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