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Hi !!

I have a ps3 hooked up to my pc monitor by a HDMI / DVI cable. It was always working good with a nice image quality, but for an unknown reason it recently stopped working.

I formated my hard drive a couple of days ago with a fresh install of windows7 x64bits. I don't know if this could have affected any Monitor driver or anything (I don't think so since I can play my ps3 regardless wether the pc is on or off.)

All in all, I tried pretty much everything: resetting the ps3 video by holding the power button luck. I tried to plug it on someone else's PC monitor and it worked right away!

The monitor I am using is a LG L204WT-SF it has a resolution of 1680x1050. Whenever I try to play the ps3 on it, I'm able to hear the clicking sound when navigating in the menu but the screen remaind black.

Hope you guys can help me out as I am desperate lol (I almost never post my issues and fix them by myself, but this time I am defeated lol). Thank you :)
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  1. maybe your hdmi just went bad. Test it on your tv or something.
  2. Problem solved. And no I knew the HDMI wasn't bad since I tested it on on someone else's monitor as I said in the first post. I just had to leave the monitor open, then unplug it wait a couple of seconds and plus i back in. It looks like it did "reset" the monitor :)
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