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Dawn of War 2 Steam Download Very Small?

Hey I bought DoW2 From steam Because it's on sale for %50 Off,

Since I have a bandwidth cap I was just going to wait till next month (when it resets) and download it then but the Downloads only 2Gb's

And I looked on Direct2Drive and it's download is 6.73Gb's Why is Steams So Small Compared to D2D and is it just a glitch or something.

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    ikd... But you can always start the download. If it goes over 2gb or takes longer than you want than just cancel and wait for your bandwidth.
  2. O by the way Mithness. I've seen you on allot of posts and you always seem to give good answers. Keep up the good work ;)
  3. Lol, Thank you Ben. I Do try my Best And I'll take your suggestion. (Hopefully it is only 2Gb's haha)
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