The intel Ivy Bridge, should I wait for it?

Right now I am thinking of buying a system of intel corei5 2500k and 8 gb of ddr3 ram, 32 gb max, 560 ti, 700 ish psu. I heard about the viy bridge chips coming in about april. What are your thoughts, is it worth the time of stuttering fps for an ivy bridge?
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  1. no need to wait. build it now...i doubt you plan to buy a SB after ivy comes out, so at the end of the day, it doesn't matter

    lga 1155 will be used for at least another 1.5 to 2 years, so it probably makes sense to build now than to build on a dead end mobo next year IMO
  2. Hmm I see, would it be more wise to get an z68 board then? Or would it still go to a dead end by 2 yaers?
  3. uh I am an idiot, z68 is something else.
  4. Also, me waiting will also result in a higher price range for my pc...
  5. z68 is ok
  6. Yes, I would build around Sandy Bridge now rather than wait for Ivy Bridge.

    As far as I researched, given the same clockspeed, an Ivy Bridge CPU is going to have less than 10% performance increase over Sandy Bridge. Some estimates are as low as 6% performance increase. Therefore, Ivy Bridge CPU will need to rely on increased clockspeed to provide a good performance increase.

    The small increase in efficiency is probably due to mature state of the architecture which basically means if you want better performance with the same clockspeed, then you need to make significant changes to the architecture which would not make sense at this point in time since Haswell is Intel's next generation CPU architecture for 2013.
  7. Sandy bridge is such sex I think you will love it for years :D (2 good years) :D
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