Need for speed shift 2 unleashed

I finally got my copy of the game up and running. I know it's a graphically intense game, still I want to know is there a way to improve the gameplay.
I have a i3 processor@ 2.13GHz and 3GB RAM. I'm relying on Integrated Graphics to run the game and it feels crappy. the keyboard controls are crappy
as well. Pls help me improve the gameplay without me having to buy a video card or joystick or anything.
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  1. System Requirements
    * OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or Windows Vista (Service Pack 1) / Windows 7
    * CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz / AMD X2 64 2.4GHz
    * RAM: 2 GB
    * HDD: 7 GB free disk space
    * Graphics: 256 MB Graphics Memory
    * Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
    * DirectX: Version 9.0c
    * Online Multiplayer – 512 Kbps or faster

    Supported Graphics Cards:
    ATI HD3 Series or greater; NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series or higher or greater Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported

    I'm assuming you're already aware of the above requirements, but just in case!

    Your CPU can cut it but I have my doubts whether your onboard graphics will be able to run the game. You'll just have to try running the game on the lowest settings. Also, try lowering the resolution as well.
  2. @namelessonez, thanx and yeah my CPU can cut it but my onboard graphics is not able to run it smoothly. Still it runs crappy though. And after a while it says that some display driver has gone bad.
  3. Integrated Graphics won't really help even if you lowered all the setting for Need4Speed Shift 2. You'd still get bad framerates. You should consider buying a videocard
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