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Is there anything Bottlenecking in my computer.


So I was playing Battlefield 3 Beta and I saw that I was getting 30 FPS(Everything put to Max settings). When I went to YouTube, people were getting around 50 FPS. Is this due to my CPU. Will changing it to an AMD Phenom II X4 970, dramatically increase performance? Or what is the best method to increase Performance?

PC components:

PSI CyborgX Gaming Case - Black /w Blue Light(looks cool)

Windows 7 64 bit

AMD Athlon™ II X4 635 Quad-Core CPU

Sapphire HD 6950 2GB Dirt 3 Edition OC: 840/1325

500GB Hard Drive 7200rpm

4 GB DDR2-800 PC6400 Memory Module

Liquid CPU Cooling System w/ 120mm Radiator

Motherboard ASUS M4A785-M AMD 785G Hybrid CrossFire Chipset

700 Watt -- Power Supply - SLI Ready.

I play the games at Full HD
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  1. Uhm u get pretty decent fps with that rig, maybe your Sapphire HD 6950 2GB is the "bottleneck" to better fps.
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    For maximum settings, that isn't a bad framerate. If you want to identify a bottleneck, try running the task manager in the background, keep it at the performance tab. Alt-tab out of the game and see what the load on your CPU cores is at. If all 4 cores are running at 100%, then the CPU is your bottleneck, and you would benefit from upgrading your CPU, though the Phenom II won't be a whole lot faster than your Athlon II.

    If the CPU is not running at 100%, your GPU is probably the bottleneck. You don't have too many single GPU options above the 6950, only three single GPU cards are more powerful, the Radeon HD 6970, GTX 570, and GTX 580. The performance gains you would get from those cards over a 6950 would not be worth the extra money you would have to spend. If your board supports Crossfire, you could add another 6950, which would give you a good performance boost. A 6950 Crossfire would definitely be bottlenecked by your Athlon II to some extent though.
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