Assasins creed brotherhood sound and video not matching up

i bought assasins creed brotherhood for pc last week and the sound and video dont work at the same time the sound goes faster than the video can some one help i have a portege m700
processor: Intel(R) core (TM)2 duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz 2.26 GHz
installed memory (RAM): 2.00 GB (1.85 GB usable)
system type: 32-bit operating system
can anyone help
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  1. i got the same problem until i find out that you only need to turn down the resolution.....

    because it takes more time to compute the display than the audio which is just a audio file

    reducing the resolution and the detail will solve the problem
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    normally dsynced games means weak gpu. in your case below spec unsupported gfx...
    seriously some of you lappy owners make me laugh. you spend 300 on a lappy and expect it to play high end gfx demanding games...

    if you want to play games even on low your looking at 700 minimum for a lappy. you can play ac2 on a desktop that costs about 450... so if you want to play games get a desktop and stop buying crap lappys then expecting miricles from them...
    i know that sounds harsh but its the truth... be realistic about your hardware and read the box or at least go to a website that will tell you the minimum requirments for games... most of the time you wont see lappys listed because more often ythan not the lappy doesnt have the grunt...
  3. HEXiT I also suggest you try finding a life
  4. gmoneys whats your problem? He was telling the truth. Lap tops are not the optimal pieces of gaming hardware. And how do you spend 2.2k on a laptop and only get a 1.5 gb graphics card?
  5. Quote:
    HEXiT, first of all you are a douche, second, this is not only a problem for low end pc's I am having this issue on my 2200$ laptop i7 quad, 1.5gb video.

    GFX type : Intel® GMA X3100
    memory amount : up to 358 MB total available graphics memory with 2 GB system memory
    memory type : shared
    release date 2008 looks like your bought an old laptop

    portege m700 is the problem :bounce:
    the next problem is you expecting a miracle from it... :pfff:
    how does that make me a douche for pointing this out?... :o
    no it doesnt do the same thing on a 2k gaming laptop as a 2k gaming laptop will have or beat minimum requirements as long as you dont buy a portege m700 thinking its a gaming laptop...

    now i say again how am i a douche. is it because you didnt check the system requirements, requirements that are posted on the acb site and the back of the box, or because you expected more from a note book or you dont understand hardware has limits... yeah i guess its my fault you didnt do your homework... :cry:
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