Error with Penumbra Collection: Overture.


I installed the Penumbra Collection, and everything's running fine except for Overture. The other games launch and run perfectly.

I've re-installed the game countless times and this error keeps popping up, it reads: "The procedure entry point alSource3i could not be located in the dynamic link library OpenAL32.dll."

I've visited the Frictional Games site and searched for solutions to this problem, but I've tried everything and it hasn't worked. I downloaded the OpenAL32.dll file and oalinst.exe, but it still isn't launching!

Should I just give up and return the game, or is there another solution to this problem that I haven't tried yet? Thank you!
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  1. normally installing oalinst.exe as you have done fixes that error--it is an older game--if you are on windows 7 try installing it in compatibility mode for xp sp3
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