What is the name of the game???

Hi, I played a game a long time ago, and I don't remember what's it called, so here is a general description of the game, if anyone know how it's called:

It is about this guy that has powers on his left arm, and a gun on his right. He was an angel, but he met a guy in the church after the angels attacked him, for some reason, and he became a demon, and then was working for the devil. The color of the power is red. At the end, he is fighting against the devil, because his girlfriend, or whoever, told him that he needs to kill him.

Does anyone know the name of this game??? I think that Eidos released it, but when I looked at their website, the game wasn't there.

P.S. The guy has a beard
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  1. Sounds like Infernal. It is available on steam for $10.
  2. FinalDrive said:
    Sounds like Infernal. It is available on steam for $10.

    YES, IT IS! Thanks for the help. :bounce:
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