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Hi.. since windows 7 crashed blue today and the restore disk did not work (said it was a different somethng or other) I'm transferring the entire contents of drive to desktop of another PC (XP).

Things is... I searched the D drive for .pst file (Outlook backup) and it does not find it. My folder options are cool.

Does that mean that although I'm copying the entire contents - the .pst will not transfer? It was not fooled with while the windows 7 machine was running Outlook 2007 prior to crash. 7 worked for about a year.

Thanks for your help!
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    C:\Users\(Sign on Name)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

    That's the default location that Windows 7 stores an Office 2007 Outlook file.

    Your XP machine might not be able to access it (thus getting a blank search), because of the higher security settings of 7. See if you can browse there without getting any security warnings.

    (The C would be the D for your search if I'm reading your post correctly)
  2. I found it there, there thanks!
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