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Abit i440LX\EX

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a b V Motherboard
October 7, 2001 2:38:41 PM

I wonder if the upgrade in the recent article would also apply to my main board. I am refering to the article in wich they upgradet an PII to an PIII 800 or in my case I would want an 1ghz. The macine I am thinking to upgrade have ABIT 440LX\EX mainboard. I also have two machines with EDO ram, but I can't seem to find any cheap ram for them unfortunately. One of the board have the ABIT i440FX, and the other one has the Pd440FX.Is it however possible to convert a machine from EDO to SDRAM?

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a b V Motherboard
October 7, 2001 4:08:31 PM


You're in luck. Refer to the recent thread entitled "PENTIUM CPU UPGRADE" on the CPU board. There, you'll find answers and comments to your question from this great community.

The motherboard that I referred to in my question is an Acer board based on the Intel 440EX chipset, which is an updated 440LX. In effect your board like mine is 440EX. I hope I got this right or I'm sure to hear about it! Have fun.
a b V Motherboard
October 8, 2001 3:12:14 AM

YOur stuck with a 66MHz stock bus speed on your LX motherboard, which can be overclocked, but not to 100MHz. Since it's an Abit you can probably put a Celeron 766 in it and overclock that to 943/82MHz or so.
Now what are these FX boards, socket 7? If they are, dual voltage boards can use the K6-2 (at up to 2.8v if necessary, with good cooling) using the 2x=6x feature of the processor to get 400MHz at 6x66.6. You will be limmited to EDO.

Back to you Tom...