WHICH IS BETTER FOR GAMING ddr3 9600gt 1gb or ddr3 9600gt 512mb

i have 9600gt 512mb is it good for today high graphics games and tell me 9600gt 512mb is better or 1gb.
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  1. With the latest games? None this card is fairly old now and would struggle majorly with the latest games. 1gb would be a better option between those two, but this card is obsalete now, upgrade it if possible!!
  2. The 9600GT was a good card when it first came out. Good performance for a somewhat reasonable price. I have that card in my HTPC. While I don't really use my HTPC to play games, I did start to play some games on it before transferring the saved games to my primary rig. Those games were Fallout 3, Mass Effect I and II.

    It can still play some current games with medium graphics quality if the resolution is not set very high.
  3. 1GB is better. More memory, same speed, fair bus width.
  4. 1gb is better, but they are both not good for modern games. You will be playing with the resolution and detail turned down, and in the next couple years, games will not run on them at all they will be below the minimum requirements. If you already have the 512mb version, dont waste your money by getting the 1gb version, you will hardly notice the difference. Save for something good.
  5. The correct answer is: none of those cards, focus on a 1gb gddr5 card with at least 128bit, 256 way better, of course if u want "today's high graphics games" as u said.
  6. When coming to a new graphics card, you need to decide what type of games you play. GDDR3 memory is somewhat slow compared to the GDDR5 cards. The more memory the better. The wider the bus width the better, the faster the memory and GPU the better. But like I said, it's all about the types of games you play. I brought the XFX HD 6850 so I could play Dragon Age: Origins maxed out @ 1080p settings. But if you are wanting to play the latest games such as MW3, BF3 and Skyrim, then I would save to buy a new, faster card.
  7. If you're thinking of upgrading your 9600GT 512 mb, then go for better ones. The cards with GDDR5 are much faster than the GDDR3s.
    To answer your question, the 1GB version is better.
  8. 1 Gb but at least upgrade because they are suck.
  9. there a waste of cash which ever 1 you buy for gaming... minimum recomended is an 88gt. if you buy anything less you wont be able to play games like BF3, but remember you will need to pair it to a e6300 or better, or an athlon 64 x2 2.8ghz...

    1gig would be ok in most cases but the 96gt doesnt have enough grunt to handle that amount of ram in games... for hd video its great it will happily chug along 24/7 @1080p but for games you will never have enough grunt to use that screen rez with anything more than minimum settings, so although 1gig is the right amount of ram to run 1080p screens. the gpu itself isnt up to the job so look elsewhere.
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