Fix Directx 9?

I recently tried Radeon Pro and and I developed some issues with my games. Initially I thought the issue to be with crossfire, but the issues only show when running dx9 games. The games get really messed up colors and inverse colors, as well as serious flickering. It's definitely a dx9 issue too... it only occurs in DX9 games, and it occurs when I make a game (like Crysis or BC2) run in DX9. Is there any way I can repair this?
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  1. Usually it's a Crossfire issue, why not try running those games on a single gpu see if the problem persist.
  2. well it wont hurt to try the directx installer
  3. I tried the dx installer, it just told me I already have a more recent version of dx... and yes, it does appear to be a compatibility issue with xfire and dx9, as when I disable xfire the issue goes away... however, I tested each card individually and they both performed perfectly. The games used to work perfectly with xfire too...
  4. have you updated the graphics driver?
  5. tried 11.9, 11.8 and 11.10
  6. you said the games used to work in xfire so what about trying an older driver--if the games used to be ok

    then most likely its got to be a driver or software issue of some sort
  7. I tried every driver back to the ones released when the cards were just released and no joy. I just formatted my entire computer and re-installed Windows. It works now... Now all I have to do is get all 54 gigs of my games back. Yay
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