How do i find a game i cant remember the name of?

I knew this game like 4-10 years ago that I had a demo disk of but it was awesome. I need the name so bad. It was a space game sorta a cross between Sins of a Solar Empire and Homeworld. But better then both. The pc vs you was like a solar system where you put facilities normally around planets like in a circle in geo. orbit, and when you filled a planets ring u needed a new planet to use. Then there were worm holes which could connect you to new solar systems which were a little different but you had to make a portal gate or somthing to power the other side. Then you had ships huge ones like the biggest which was a dreadnaught it was long and you could hire captains in littler ships to improve your individual ships attributes. Idk or remember much more but I loved this game so much. Please help
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  1. Sounds alot like Sins of a SE to me.

    Try googling the games on this list and see if you recognize it; -pc/

    Good Luck in your search.
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