i am looking for guys like us who want to play BF3 a lot. i run with FSG and we play A LOT lol.

i was on the beta like 16 hours a day. the last weekend it was a straight 40 hour weekend. no sleep.

i would like to get a bigger group of guys (20ish right now but need 32 lol) so that at any given time during the day, we have some guys on.

i am making a list of people who play a 5-20+ hours a week. if this is you, and you would like to play on a good server hosted by some cool people..

please let me know if you think you would be a good fit for FSG =)



you can also email me: 213crz@gmail.com
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  1. i will play at least 5 when it comes out. if your clan all has headsets and doesnt treat it like deathmatch and actually plays like a team ill join. and i think you need at least 50-70 people so you have a full team anytime. im looking for a good clan so ill try you guys
  2. o buy the way im on only 9pm-1 or 2am ct. i have a full time job and a 1 1/2 year little boy so i will not be on all day
  3. you my friend, have two jobs lol. because toddlers are like lil crazy monkey man. if you let them out of your sight for even an instant.. crayons on walls, paint on hardwood floors, code adams inside the malls. oh man. cant wait to have some of my own though haha.

    and we are all pretty fun and open and chit chat a lot when we are not in the heat of battle, but once that its made clear coms are to be kept clear.. its game time, for certain.

    i have a fiancee who reminds me of a 1 1/2 year old sometimes. i have to feed her constantly or she whines and cries. i have to tuck her in and put her to bed before i go do my primetime gaming. sometimes i even have to read her a bedtime story or find something on the tube so she can fall a sleep lol. i have to take her to school, and take her shopping at least once a week for new "toys". lol there are a lot of similarities haha.

  4. look what i just picked up for BF3 =)
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